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The wedding, one of the most beautiful days of your life…

Shoes Wedding​ Captured By Photographer In Montreal
Shoes Wedding​ Captured By Photographer In Montreal

You spend a lot of time preparing for this day, the moment when two families will come together, but above all, the moment when you will unite to become one, start a new chapter in your lives, found your family and move forward together hand in hand…
Every detail counts, every minute is important, because the day is going to go by very quickly, and all your family and friends will be there to accompany you, to experience and share with you the joy and emotion that is sure to be there!

That’s why, as a professional photographer with experience, having been present at weddings of all denominations, traditional weddings or weddings for all, whatever your style, I’ll be capturing all these moments in images, from the bride’s preparations to the wedding cake. I’ll follow you throughout the day, discreet but very present, attentive to your emotions, your looks… Attentive to photographing what you’re going to experience that day. I never forget that the photos I take of this day are for you to keep, to look at, to share and exchange with your family and friends. I never forget that they are the testimony of what happened that day, what will remain and what you will be able to pass on.


capture emotion Couple in wedding photography in Quebec


capture emotion Couple in wedding photography in Quebec

I have a documentary / reportage approach based on naturalness, emotions and spontaneity, I like to immortalize in my wedding photos the emotions, laughter, joy, all the little details that make a wedding day special.

I really want to get authentic photos, images of you that look like you.


Wedding Photoshoot In Montreal Laval & Quebec

My aim is to photograph people, to photograph you as you are, and to capture you in the most beautiful way, so that you can immerse yourself in your day as you experienced it.

I believe that the photographer is an integral part of your wedding. That’s why it’s important for me to be myself as well, to gain people’s trust so that I can be easily forgotten, and to be discreet, so that I can capture moments as they happen.

Wedding Photoshoot In Montreal Laval & Quebec
Wedding Photo shoot Studio In Montreal Laval Trois Rivieres & Quebec


Wedding Photo shoot Studio In Montreal Laval Trois Rivieres & Quebec

I make it a point of honor to accompany you, to be there for you, available before, during and after the wedding.

The aim is to create a relationship of trust and friendship, as if we’ve known each other all our lives.



As a photographer specializing in weddings, based in the heart of Montreal, in the sublime Montreal region, I’m dedicated to capturing the unique and precious moments that will make up this unique day in your life.

From the tender moments of first glances to the blossoming of every moment of your celebration, my aim is to create memorable souvenirs that immortalize the love and joy shared at your wedding.

My aim is to build a photographic legacy that tells the story of your union in an authentic way.

So that, in the future, these images can be passed on for generations to come.


Montreal Wedding Photographer

Each wedding photographer develops their own unique style. It’s a mix of :

  • how they approach the wedding day (their intention and preparation)
  • how they interact with you and your wedding guests (personality and guidance)
  • the visual look of the photos they take (artistic style, creative angles)
  • and the way they edit these images (visual mood, retouching)

The style I mainly use is wedding photojournalism (also called documentary wedding photography).

Montreal Wedding Photographer
documentary Wedding Canada Montreal


documentary Wedding Canada Montreal

Photojournalisic wedding photography focuses on documenting wedding days with minimal posing, staged moments or coached smiles. This approach leads to original candid photos that record your loved ones as they are on your wedding day. Genuine emotions and all!

My approach to your wedding photography

Trois Rivieres Photographer

Prior to the day of your wedding, we’ll work together to define the different key moments for you (of course, each moment of the day has its own importance, but some may be more important to you than others), so I’ll take the time to discuss them with you, and prepare a timetable, to advise you on certain details, such as the best time to take the couple’s photos so that they can be taken on the big day in the best light conditions, while taking into account any time or travel constraints, and making sure that you can spend as much time as possible surrounded by your loved ones…

When you call on me, you can be sure that I’ll be your wedding photographer. I work alone, so I’ll be your only contact. I’ll not only take care of the reportage, but also the processing of your photos and the album that will conclude this service, hoping to find you later for the photos that will mark every important moment in your lives… To be, and perhaps become, your family photographer, because as I said earlier, a wedding is a new beginning, a start, so I’ll be happy to accompany you and cross your lives from time to time…

Couple photos

Couple Smiling Photography

These photos need to reflect you and your couple, and be taken in a place that makes sense to you. That’s why I propose to take your couple photos in a location of your choice, or if you wish, a mini session on the wedding day, to get a few photos anyway, and a more complete session at another date, after the wedding day.

This series will allow you to take stress-free photos, in a place that’s dear to you, and that sometimes wouldn’t be feasible on your wedding day (due to travel, for example).

Couple Smiling Photography
Wedding Preparation Photographer Montreal Laval Quebec Trois RIvieres Sherbrooke & Terrebonne

Photos of the preparations

Wedding Preparation Photographer Montreal Laval Quebec Trois RIvieres Sherbrooke & Terrebonne

Before Montreal Wedding Party Photoshoot in QuebecBefore Montreal Wedding Party Photoshoot in QuebecGetting ready for a wedding is an important moment for the bride and groom, an intimate moment that marks the beginning of a beautiful day.

The bride and groom’s preparations, whether they begin at the hairdresser’s, when the dress is put on, or when they leave the house, are important moments.

Before Montreal Wedding Party Photoshoot in Quebec

It’s the moment when everything begins for you, the bride and groom, the moment when intimacy mingles with stress, when the bride’s mother helps with the fitting of the dress. There are so many beautiful moments to capture, from the laughter to the tears of joy… All this emotion needs to be present in your images, so keeping a low profile, observing you and being attentive to you is essential!

Wedding ceremony photos

wedding ceremony photo shoot in Montreal Laval Brossard Joliette Terrebonne


Ceremonies are, for some, the most important moments of a wedding, the ones that make the couple’s union official.

This category includes photos taken during the wedding ceremonies, the passage through the town hall, and the religious ceremonies, which can be conceived in different ways by the bride and groom.

These are the key moments in your wedding coverage, which you’ve prepared and which need to be captured on film.

wedding ceremony photo shoot in Montreal Laval Brossard Joliette Terrebonne
wedding party photographer studio in Montreal

Wedding party photos

wedding party photographer studio in Montreal

The official moments of the wedding are over, it’s time to celebrate… This gallery gathers the photos taken after the official moments of the wedding, which are those of the different ceremonies.But the day isn’t over yet, and I accompany the bride and groom to help them keep a souvenir of these festive moments, which are the aperitif and the evening.

Time for group photos and festive moments…



The wedding day goes by at breakneck speed, with its many emotions and unforgettable moments surrounded by loved ones, family and friends.

But we mustn’t forget that a wedding is also a big party!


Personally, I love the wedding party!

I love being able to photograph you right in the middle of the action, right in the middle of the dance floor, to get the funniest, craziest photos possible.

It’s also a great opportunity for me to play with the flash lights to get some creative and artistic shots.


The adventure of your wedding begins long before, because for me, it’s important to get to know each other, to learn more about each other, all with the aim of making you feel as comfortable as possible. A meeting will therefore be arranged.

On your wedding day, my aim is to be there like a friend, to be as close as possible to you, to capture the intense moments, the emotions, the tears, the laughter, all those little details that I will take care to capture so that you can relive your wedding in the most beautiful way.

An online gallery is available for viewing and downloading your photos in HD. You can also share it with your guests, so that they too can view and download the photos.

The gallery also features a store with a comprehensive range of prints and other goodies, and an easy payment system.

As a wedding photographer, I know from experience that it’s always a powerful, intense moment, a time with your other half and your loved ones when you’re going to create memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life, that you’ll enjoy looking at and sharing with those around you.
I’m here to capture your emotions in a natural way, so if my photos tell your emotions, they’ll tell your story.

As a wedding photographer, I know from experience that it’s always a powerful, intense moment, a time with your other half and your loved ones when you’re going to create memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life, that you’ll enjoy looking at and sharing with others.

I’m here to capture your emotions in a natural way, so if my photos tell your emotions, they’ll tell your story.


Wedding SLIDESHOW​ Montreal

The slideshow is a video that tells the story of your session, with music and a focus on each image.

It’s the best way to show your images on a screen for an emotionally rich moment.

Easy to share, you’ll enjoy showing it to family and friends.

Click to see the video of this wedding reportage!

Wedding photographers in Montreal

Wedding photographers in Montreal

You have to search on Google “Montreal wedding photographer.” Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Choosing the right photographer is another important aspect to consider when you are planning the most memorable days of your life. One who will capture these special moments of your life, and you will preserve them for the rest of your life.
Montreal is a city full of cultural diversity, historical charm, and a vibrant urban landscape. Here are the best backdrops for wedding photography. Places like the Downtown Montreal Skyline, Old Montreal, Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Port of Montreal, St. Joseph’s Oratory, and Olympic Stadium make great backdrops for wedding photography, which takes the pictures to a unique level.

Wedding photographers in Montreal

Understand Your Style and Vision

We understand how important capturing your unique style and vision on your special day is. We’re here to work with you to achieve the perfect wedding photography that reflects your vision and style. Let’s work together to make your dream wedding photos a reality! Understanding your style and vision is very important when it comes to wedding photography. Because it’s a special day and the picture can be captured in the way you imagined. We gave you your perfect style and some guidelines to achieve it.

Reflect on Your Personal Preferences

Consider and reflect on what you and your partner like. What kind of pictures do you like? Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Candid shots, and, of course, bright and Dark Photography. Discuss among yourselves what kind of pictures your partner likes, and then make a decision based on both of your preferences.

Create a visual inspiration

Photography Couple Married

You can collect pictures of your choice from various social media like FB, IG, and Pinterest and show your favorite pictures to the photographer. This will help the photographer understand your preferences very easily, which will help you get the image you want. Also, take some photos that match the theme of your wedding. Always communicate clearly with the photographer. Do not hesitate to tell him your wishes. You should always have realistic expectations.

Planning for Photography Session

Time plays a very important role in photography. So you should start the photography session very early. Start the photography session before you get busy with other things on the wedding day so you can finish taking relaxed photos.

You plan your timelines by allocating enough time for first shots, poses, family portraits, and couple sessions.

Using natural light makes your photos pop and look better. In that case, plan your photo session during the golden hour to get warm and soft light.

Decide on a style to photograph important moments such as the first kiss, dance, or cake cutting. You can also take some group photos with your family and friends. The posed photos look great, though. But you should take some candid pictures because they will reveal your emotional, spontaneous moments.

You should take seriously the fact that the weather can be unpredictable at any time, and you should consider having a backup plan in place to deal with it.


Research and Shortlist Photographers

Let’s discuss some simple steps on how to research and shortlist to find and select the best photographer for your wedding.

Search engine

First, do a search like Google. Search Google with some specified keywords. For example: montreal wedding photographer, photographer in montreal, wedding photographer, wedding photography, etc. You will find many websites you can visit there. Check out their wedding portfolio. Be sure to check out their reviews.

Social media

Also, you can search on social media sites like: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


You can also ask your friends, family, or your wedding planner because you can find professional photographers from people you trust.

Compare prices

Compare package prices. Compare the prices of the photographers you find. Make a decision based on what they offer you at that price.

3 Important tips

1. Experience and Skill Level

How a photographer will take pictures on your wedding day depends on checking his experience and skill level before hiring a photographer.

A very common technique is to check the photographer’s online portfolio on their website and social media. Check the image quality and style. Imagine yourself with the character in the picture.

Ask the photographer if he has any formal training Also, ask the photographer how many years he has been working in this profession. How many weddings has he photographed for? Their knowledge of lighting conditions can be understood by looking at their previous pictures.

You should also ask them about their equipment, such as their camera model, lenses, and brand of gimbal, and consider these things.

2. Package Inclusions and Customization

Check what is included in the package. Items that may be included in the package are:

Hours of Coverage
On the wedding day, there is usually 6 to 12 hours of coverage. Determine how many hours you need.

Number of photographers
In some cases, you may need images from different angles and moments. In that case, you can hire more than one photographer.

Number of images edited.
The standard package will contain fully edited images and lightly edited images. Try to understand the difference so that you get it right.

Pre-wedding session
Most packages include an engagement or pre-wedding session.

Albums and prints
Standard packages include physical albums and photo printers.

Travel Fees
Travel fees are usually included in most standard packages.

3. Coverage Hours and Overtime

Coverage time in wedding photography is 6 hours to 12 hours. But you may need extra hours to cover all the moments from early morning to late night. Photographers usually charge hourly rates for overtime. In that case, you ask for their hourly price.

Tips: Try upgrading your package if you can predict in advance that you will need extra hours. In some cases, upgrading the package is more cost-effective than waiting for the hours to become available.


Romantic couple walking holding hands

What do we expect from a photographer after a wedding session is over?

Marriage is a very important thing in our lives. We want to remember this important and sweet moment so that we can get lost in our past by reminiscing.

At the end of the photography session, we quickly provide you with a soft copy of all your photos. However, the images that need to be edited and the pictures that need to be printed and made into albums will be edited and delivered within 2-3 weeks. This means you will get everything within 2-3 weeks.

What our newlyweds think ?


FAQ Montreal photography

Your wedding is a big day, but it will undoubtedly be above all a festive, natural day full of emotions that you will share with your loved ones! That’s why, as a wedding photographer, I work mainly in reportage mode, discreet when necessary, photographing a maximum of stolen and authentic moments, which will make our reportage a compendium of true memories.

Don’t panic, it’s a phrase I hear very often, I understand it and my way of working is in line with it! In fact, a couple’s session, for example, is a moment of relaxation, a little stroll, where you’ll find yourselves together, no forced poses, just you, your emotions and photographs.

Group photos can also be a fun, fluid moment to share.

As a service provider, I’m also there to make sure everything goes smoothly, whether it’s my photographic services or anything else.
After all, you’ll have spent a lot of time and energy organizing the most beautiful day possible, so when the big day arrives, it’s no longer up to you to worry. Your loved ones and service providers will take over to ensure that the day is as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Your wedding reportage will be finalized less than a week after the wedding, so you’ll be able to discover all the photographs on the private gallery, a post-wedding activity that guests love!

The number of photos is unlimited, depending on the package you choose, the organization of the day and the number of guests. However, the minimum number of photos is 300 for the smallest package.

Part of what make each wedding photographer unique is the editing techniques and visual style they give to the images.

There are a few main wedding photo editing styles:

  • Clean: This editing style stays true to the natural colours without adding any filters or effects to distract. This editing style is sometimes called timeless, because it avoids editing trends that can leave photos looking dated in just a few years.
  • Light and Airy: A romantic and low-contrast editing style featuring pastel colour tones. This post-processing style makes me think of soft watercolour paintings.
  • Dark and moody: This style features dark shadows and a dramatic mood. Colours are muted and greens are especially desaturated. A film-like grain is often added to the image digitally.
  • Vibrant: With strong contrast and bold saturated colours, this style packs a punch.
  • Black and white: Black and white photos eliminate all distractions. This style of editing is a powerful way to highlight emotional moments.

I edit all your images in a style somewhere between clean and vibrant. Depending on the event and the look of the day, I’ll adjust the contrast to fit the mood. I adjust the brightness and fine-tune the colours to keep them natural. I also choose to edit some of the photos of your wedding day in black and white. The images you see on this website are a good representation of the style of editing I do.

For many people getting married, the amount spent on photography works out to between 10% and 15% of their total wedding budget. However, some folks with smaller weddings still choose to splurge on a great wedding photographer because the memories of their wedding day are invaluable to them.

The main factors impacting the price of wedding photography are:

  • the experience and talent of your wedding photographer
  • the number of hours of coverage you need
  • whether you want to do an engagement photoshoot before your wedding
  • whether you need a second photographer
  • and whether you’d like to have any printed products like a wedding album

For most of your wedding day, I focus on capturing spontaneous moments, but I ALWAYS take the time to do couple and group portraits. If you’d like, I’ll even give you some friendly advice during portrait time, so you feel comfortable and know what to do with your hands.

Our Photography in Montreal & All Quebec

Bride and groom, what if I were YOUR wedding photographer?

If this page has whetted your appetite for more of my wedding photography, I’d love to get to know you.

Tell me about your wedding, tell me about your story. It’s important to create a bond with my future brides and grooms, so I invite you to give me as much information as possible about your couple and your vision of the wedding on this form.